The story of Decades of Love

Decades of Love began as a tool to heal the broken heart of the founder, Sia Chandler-Garcia.  Sia had gone through a divorce, lost one of her best high school friends, and needed some healing for her broken heart. She prayed about how to receive the healing and the answer came through song. The creative vision came also as a vehicle of giving. After running the idea of singing songs of LOVE starting from the 1920’s and 30’s to the present day time frame, by her family and some of her friends, Sia launched her journey of putting together a band.

The Decades of Love Band are from all walks of life. We have educators, web-designers, nurses, retired teachers, Regional Transportation District bus drivers, and Denver Motor Vehicle employees represented in the band. Every year we come together to raise money for nonprofit organizations. Our goal is to give back, because we truly understand how helping others makes our lives better.

Some of the local nonprofits we’ve been able to support include:

We have been honored to share our gift at several different venues:

And we have received the following awards: